At SRS we know that taking care of your boat with scheduled and constant maintenance is the best way to ensure a long and efficient life, giving the owner a pleasant navigation, with maximum safety.

We are sure that a tandem -a well adjusted mast and suitable sails- have a decisive effect on the navigation of a boat in both ideal and difficult weather conditions, adjustment and control are fundamental operations to guarantee efficient and safe sailing conditions.

At SRS we have experience in boats with masts and sails of all sizes and materials, managing to get the best out of the Tandem Rigging—Sailing interaction for your boat.


I am Juan Ignacio, the director of SRS with forty years of experience as a cruiser and regatta sailor

After a lifetime as a navigator, sailor and sailboat, together with my team we are dedicated to analyze the maneuvering, rigging and sails as a whole, providing a comprehensive solution for the desired type of navigation, offering a personalized service.



Fine tuning for efficient, easy and safe navigation.


Preparation and optimization of boats for different types of regattas: Full crew / Reduced crew / Lonely.


ORC certificate optimization and analysis.


Cruise ship optimization for simpler, easier and safer navigation.


Boat deliery: we have the qualifications for the transfer of your boat.


SRS also offers a periodic cleaning service aimed at keeping the boat always in the best condition and ready for use.